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What are the essential elements that will separate me from other incoming freshman in making a good first impression?

Asked Flemington, New Jersey

I want to start college on a very high note. I'll be attending Saint Joseph's university in philly and want to have a very successful college experience. #business

2 answers

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

I am happy to hear that! First, got to class. A lot of college students don't which is destructive and wasteful. Second, revise everything you take in class daily. It is best to go over stuff while it is fresh in your memory. Lastly, no allnighters. Your mind need the sleep to do well in the exam.

Gaurangi’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California
Do get involved in various academic related clubs in your university. Try to get an experience holding a leadership position in these clubs. This will not only help you with networking but will also look good on your resume. Also, it will help you to set apart from your peers.
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