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Is modeling a career?

I know im not beautiful or pretty to be walking down run ways and doing photo shoots but it cant hurt to try

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4 answers

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Emesha’s Answer

Hi Marie, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you can be or do anything that you put your mind to. Yes, absolutely modeling is a career-there are fashion models, runway models, swimsuit models, commercial models, fitness models, the list goes on and on. The average salary for a model is approximately $32,000 per year. Here is a fun fact -the fashion industry employs the highest number of models which began in 1853. Check out these articles for more information on modeling



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Natalie’s Answer

Hello Marie,

If modeling is something you are truly passionate about, you should definitely go for it! Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't fo something.

If you try it and realize it isn't right for you, there are other positions related to the fashion industry that you could totally do. You can work as a pattern maker and deal with the technical side of clothing production, be a product designer, work in marketing and the business side of things, and so much more!

When I was in middle school and high-school, I worked at the headquarters of a fashion company nearby as a "fit-model". Basically, my job was to try on new products and test them out for comfort and fit, and then communicate with everyone working behind the scenes to help develop the best possible product! It was so much fun, and it didn't have the same pressure that might come along with runway walking or photoshoots.

Whatever path you decide on - you got this!

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Eduarda Luísa’s Answer

Hello Marie!
Hope you are doing great!

Yes! Modeling is a career! We are very lucky to have been born in a world with so many career options to pursue!
I think you should follow your dreams and be happy!
Nowadays there are so many ways you can start modeling. You could take some pictures at home, create scenarios and post the pictures on social media :) I believe that modeling is art, so be creative! Have fun doing it!

Also, there is no such thing as being pretty or not! There are only things called beauty standards and those even change from time to time. Everyone is beautiful! You are beautiful in your own way! Don't let anyone tell you the contrary, ok?

Best Regards :)

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Ty’s Answer

Modeling is about conveying an interesting canvas (you). It is not purely about being the prettiest canvas or the the most beautiful but rather catching people's eye. Also, beauty can take a lot of different forms, so dont assume you or someone else will be perceived as not beautiful. Last but not least, GO FOR IT! Failure is not trying and we discover more about ourselves by putting in the effort because we grow!