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Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor May 13, 2020 3140 views

Should I continue my Degree?

I'm graduating this month from a community college with my Associates in Business. I am thinking about transferring to a university to get my bachelors in marketing, but I honestly don't know what I want to do with my degree/career. I'm struggling to make a decision on whether or not I should...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jan 29, 2020 488 views

Are there opportunities for professional development has a CMAA

Very well organized , love interacting with new people, always go above and beyond
# #career #medical administrative-assistant# #healthcare

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jan 27, 2020 414 views

How hard is it to work as Rehabilitation Technician ?

I'm going to job corps and trying to get certified as a Rehabilitation Technician. And I was wondering how hard this career is. So what do you do everyday on the job ? #career #job

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Feb 14, 2020 479 views

What skills do I need to became a Construction Manager?


dinkaria’s Avatar
dinkaria May 13, 2020 1111 views

How do you start a buisness

I'm 17 years old and I want to major in fashion in college and start my own business but I don't honestly know how to get it started #buisness

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jun 28, 2019 532 views

What would be the best path to take for rehabilitation technician?

#career I am at job corps and want to get certified. Should I go to college or find a job? What should I choose?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 12, 2020 3576 views

Can I major in health sciences to be a pharmacist at a hospital?

I'm looking to obtain a bachelor's degree in health sciences to go into pharmacy school. Would majoring in health sciences be the best option?
#pharmacist #health #pharmaceuticals #college-major #hospital #medicine

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith May 16, 2018 1938 views

Is advertising a hard job area to get into?

I am planning to major in a study that will help me land in an advertising career. #job #advertising #first-job

eduardo’s Avatar
eduardo Jun 28, 2019 476 views

what Hvac career path is the best getting out of jobcoprs?

Job corps student at el Paso
#job #career

Kiyel’s Avatar
Kiyel Aug 09, 2019 542 views

What is most enjoyable about masonry?

#career #masonry

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 12, 2020 759 views

Is modeling a career?

I know im not beautiful or pretty to be walking down run ways and doing photo shoots but it cant hurt to try

Victoria-sofia’s Avatar
Victoria-sofia Oct 25, 2019 498 views

What do you enjoy the most about being Physical Therapist?

#career #physical-therapist

julian’s Avatar
julian Sep 24, 2019 490 views

Best school to go to for PT?

That way I can get an idea of where the best is to hopefully go there. #college

kalum’s Avatar
kalum Nov 08, 2019 634 views

What is a help desk technician

#career #any

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 11, 2020 799 views

Is being in the army good? I hope so

#military #army #college