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Is advertising a hard job area to get into?

Updated Winona, Minnesota

I am planning to major in a study that will help me land in a advertising career. #job #advertising

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Charles’s Answer

Updated Southfield, Michigan

No. As long as you educate yourself to be multifaceted and your willing to work hard it shouldn't be. Plus there are lots of jobs within the industry from sales, creative, analysts, web, tv, print, social media, etc. whether for a agency doing handling large national accounts or a local direct agency or tv station. in the end its about selling products and services.

I can tell you that bigger agencies are not always necessarily better. While a large agency may have you working on things with a large scope, control over your work will be less do to more layers of people. Also many agencies hire teams of people to handle certain major accounts, but when those accounts switch companies for a different company, sometimes people are laid off.

small to medium sized places may have you working on small accounts and the perks of big agencies like beer tastings, free lattes, or bands playing concerts in your office will not be there. But smaller places tend to be more diversified with their accounts and therefore perhaps more job security. In those places ypu maybe wearing different hats, and find the workload more, but at the same time more freedom or autonomy in your work. As many times in ANY thing involving advertising is approval by committees.

Charles recommends the following next steps:

  • Study marketing especially social media.
  • Learn the creative end of storytelling in various mediums. Print, web, video. Consider what your niche you would like to persue.
  • Learn about marketing from consumer analytics. How people think, what drives there purchases. There usually an emotional reason behind it all.
  • Get internships and takd them as serious as a paid job. Getting a job is about networking. Be a fun person to be around who gets stuff done and goes extra mile. Ask questions and be interested in what others do. If you're helping someone out, always be two steps ahead in what they might need help with. Think of it as the nurse who hand the scalpal to the doctor before he asks for it.
  • Diversify your education and skills. Avoid debt in college. It racks up quickly and will control what you do for years afterwards.
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