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Meredith M. May 16, 2018 697 views

Is advertising a hard job area to get into?

I am planning to major in a study that will help me land in an advertising career. #job #advertising...


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Mary V. May 17, 2020 148 views

What are successful buissness tips

Any tips that can help start up a buissness...


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Gurwinder S. May 19, 2020 263 views

Can i get a job without college degree

I graduted from flatiron coding school in nyc. I have not any coding experience. My skills are #javascript,#react,#ruby on...


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Selin N. May 20, 2020 312 views

How do you deicide what major you want to pursue?

Hi, I'm Selin, and I'm a 9th-grade student in high school. I know I have a lot of time, but I want to start looking for a field of study I'd like to pursue. I currently participate in varsity crew but have no interest in a particular field of study yet. If you're like me, how did you end up...

#major #college-major