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How do I be successful in the advertising industry?

I would LOVE to hear some personal experiences from industry professionals. What are some things that have helped you become successful in your career in advertising? I'm studying advertising in college right now. I am currently taking a intro to advertising class this semester and I will be taking more Ad classes next semester. I do have some knowledge of advertising but I'm hungry to learn more! :) #advertising

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2 answers

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Jonathan’s Answer

Internships are a great place to start. Also, just learning basic office skills and etiquette is essential to make the right impression and help be successful. You'd be surprised how many college graduates have never set foot in an office. Networking with people in the business, either through events or a friend is always helpful. And never take any of those relationships for granted because you don't know where they could lead. It is a small industry, recruiters move around and share info. I got a job from one recruiter who heard my name from another at an industry meeting. Treat those relationships with respect. Even those that may reject you, thank them for their time and information. Best of luck on your studies and career.

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Allen’s Answer

Hi Ben - My advice to you is to definitely get some internships under your belt. The best experience is real world experience and making connections with people in the industry. You will find that one of the best ways to move ahead in your career is making the right relationships and putting in good work.

Thank you for your advice! :D Ben Landis COACH