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MARCO G. May 07, 2015 1949 views

What exactly does a civil engineer do?

I am a junior in high school and i"m great at the subject of math. I also like to design and i feel that this would be a good major to get into. #civil-engineering...


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Gabriela W. May 04, 2016 526 views

Is it worth pursing a degree in bio engineering? Is it hard to find a job after college?

I am currently a high school senior who is going to be majoring in bio engineering in the fall. I am not sure if I should major in bio engineering or civil engineering. #engineer #civil-engineering...


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Brianna H. May 11, 2016 696 views

what makes markerting so important in business?

I am about to start high school soon and I am doing this assignment for my 8th grade class and want to know more about this question for my assignment. #business...


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Brook B. May 13, 2016 608 views

What kind of skills do you need to do well in majoring marketing/advertisment?

I want to know if I have what it takes and if it's for me. #college #career #marketing #job...


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Noah B. May 13, 2016 627 views

Are job opportunities in the field of marketing and design increasing or decreasing.

I am interested in marketing and design but want to make sure that there will be employment opportunities when I am done with college. #marketing #design #busines...


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Senad D. May 18, 2016 564 views
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Ben L. Sep 12, 2016 935 views

If I switched my major from Econ to Advertising. Would this increase or decrease my chances a getting a good job after college? I would love to hear from professionals in the Advertising and Marketing industries.

I am currently an Economics major and an Advertising minor. However I was thinking of switching those around to a Major in Advertising and a minor in Economics. I am interested in working in the marketing and/or advertising industry but I am open to working other industries (business...

#advertising #economics #college #marketing #career-counseling

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Brittany F. Oct 19, 2016 897 views

What are the limitations on becoming a civil engineer?

I'm asking this question because I'm thinking about becoming a civil...

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Randal Tyrese C. Oct 20, 2016 690 views

What are colleges or universities have great engineering programs?

I want to make sure that I am applying to the right colleges and to ensure that they have the best engineering programs available. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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Noemi S. Oct 20, 2016 512 views

When looking into careers in Engineering, how should I determine what exact kind of engineering I want to study? Such as civil, chemical, and/or mechanical?

I am very intrigued with achieving a major in engineering, but I am not sure in what exact expertise I am interested in and would like to hear multiple perspectives on this matter. #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #industrial-engineering #women...


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Alejandro M. Oct 25, 2016 1210 views

Does studying marketing benefit me?

i want to know if it is important to study marketing especially if i want to study business #finance...


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Faith T. Oct 26, 2016 517 views

What are big civil engineering companies? Where do they take interns?

I have been interested in becoming a civil engineer for 6 years now, i am dual enrolling my classes at a university, and i am going to apply to colleges in a year, but i want to know what businesses go to which colleges for interns and such. #internships #civil-engineering #women-in-stem...


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Brett S. Oct 26, 2016 383 views

How high of a degree would you recommend for Civil Engineering?

I had someone tell me they would recommend a Masters, but I was hoping that a bachelors would be sufficient, but I am looking for some more opinions. #engineering...


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Angie R. Oct 27, 2016 437 views

Is it bad to change your majors even if it lands in the same category?

I want to study in the medical field. Anything from technician to nursing. What if I choose to go with nursing in a 4 year college but then regret it and change to sonography or X-ray technology? Is that possible? If so , is that okay? #nursing #college-major #technology...


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Kostin M. Oct 28, 2016 394 views

Is there a career in the engineering field that specifically does green energy work?

I am very interested in the environment and would like the work that I do to have something to do with keeping it "green". Ways to get water to drought ridden areas, cleaning plastic out of the oceans, making buildings more efficient, etc. #engineer #civil-engineering...