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If I switched my major from Econ to Advertising. Would this increase or decrease my chances a getting a good job after college? I would love to hear from professionals in the Advertising and Marketing industries.

I am currently an Economics major and an Advertising minor. However I was thinking of switching those around to a Major in Advertising and a minor in Economics. I am interested in working in the marketing and/or advertising industry but I am open to working other industries (business operations, HR, sales, maybe finance.) But also I am worried about job security post college. I would love to get some input on this before I make any important decisions. Thank you! :) #college #career-counseling #marketing #economics #advertising

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4 answers

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Fay’s Answer

Switching majors is a lot easier than switching careers. That is a pretty big jump, direction wise, between Econ/Adv. They're two different disciplines. Your question about, "getting a good job" has more to do with (you) than the career path. Sure the law of supply and demand do apply to both professions, pun intended, However, as a future professional, your passion or interest in the field has to be factored in. My suggestion would be rather than jumping ship right away take the time to understand who you are as a person. What are the things that really interest you the most and let that guide your thought processes? In short, I've personal know someone who pursued financing and investing because he thought that was where the money was and his happiness. (As if money ever makes people happy)
After six months he was ready to hang himself, cause he hated everything about that profession. So much for the money and went back to school. Let me say something to you that you may not have even thought about. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Whatever it is that you choose to do for a living you'll do it for a very long time. A lot of hour's, occasional nights and weekends, when you're sick or exhausted.
That is is the harsh reality of employment. So behooves you pick something that you are at least interested in. Invest in yourself first because dividends are amazing and you get the highest return. Not just school but life. You can't make a good decision in a vacuum.


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Allen’s Answer

Hi Ben - I would recommend pursuing something you enjoy versus targeting a career that has a high probability of being lucrative. Part of what makes anyone success is the fact that they enjoy what they're doing. Majoring in economics and minoring in advertising is not a bad decision. I know many economics majors who've gone on to have good careers in fields outside of economics. Your econ classes will probably give you a good foundation on how business works. Use your time in college to explore your options. Talk to both economics and advertising professionals about their career paths and explore internships on companies you find interesting.

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Seth Daniel’s Answer

I agree with Ken that the important thing is working in a field that you want. Of course, the common thread between Econ and Advertising is that they are both majors that (at the undergraduate level) are most often used in business. So I'll assume you want a job in business and that you may prefer advertising.

The advantage of an Econ undergrad degree is that it can frequently be used to qualify for any number of business jobs, including internships. An economics major could work in Advertising, but at least several electives in marketing and advertising would be needed to make you a viable candidate for advertising jobs and internships. And, you would need to highlight that courework and related projects in your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn page and social media profiles. You'd also need to speak strongly to your interest in marketing and advertising in interviews.

A degree in Advertising is (imo) less versatile than a degree in Econ. It is very focused on a specific field, so more general business jobs or jobs/internships outside of marketing/advertising would be difficult to qualify for. You should also note that lots of students believe they want to work in advertising (it can be a lot of fun), so competition is very tough and unpaid internships are prevalent. Starting out at the lowest rung of the advertising ladder is often needed when starting out.

So if you're convinced that Advertising is right for you, go for it, but prepare to pay some dues along the way. Economics is more general and versatile, but will not qualify you for work in advertising unless you can siginficantly re-enforce your qualifications with electives in marketing/advertising.

I recommend that you take a look at the Disney College internship program, which your career services office should have information on. Regardless of major, this internship provides the opportunity to explore a variety of options in both basic business, finance and in more qualitative fields like HR, Marketing and Advertising.

thanks for your insights. this was super helpful! Ben L.

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Kim’s Answer

H Ben

By this point you have most likely made a decision and are on your way to the next step in your degree or career. You were given some excellent advice and recommendations. My only additional thought is once you are in your career always keep your mind open to adjacent paths that interest you. Based on your original question it sounds like you may have very diverse interests and perhaps talents. When the time is right feel free to explore what excites you.

Kim recommends the following next steps:

If your current path feels right, stay the course.
Look at various professional organizations or associations where you can expand your knowledge base and network. You never know where it may lead.
Keep your mind open to new opportunities that spark an interest.