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Ben L. Nov 12, 2016 606 views

How do I be successful in the advertising industry?

I would LOVE to hear some personal experiences from industry professionals. What are some things that have helped you become successful in your career in advertising? I'm studying advertising in college right now. I am currently taking a intro to advertising class this semester and I will be...


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Jackson M. Dec 13, 2017 455 views

What are some important things to remember when searching for a job?

I just took a business communication class, and the teacher promoted some anxiety for me. I had no idea how many aspects are considered during an interview and even beforehand. For example, she said that when someone's reading your resume they will decide withing 10 seconds if they're going to...

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David H. Jan 24, 2018 535 views

Would it be rude to tell my teacher to stop smoking, if not, how can I put it as gently as possible?

She is an amazing teacher who knows a great deal. She has control of the class and makes learning effective but her breath and classroom smells of cigarettes and coffee. For her well being I want her to stop smoking and in turn help me and my classmates learn better without worrying about...

#morality #counselor #education #education-management #school-counseling #student

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Lauren K. Jan 24, 2018 337 views

How many resumes should I have to send out before I hear back about an interview?

Now that it's abnormal to walk into a business and ask if they are hiring, I'm sending out resumes all the time and I have no idea if they are even being reviewed. I heard a stat once that you should get one interview for every 100 resumes you send out. Is this true? It's so time consuming to...

#careerbuilding #interviews #resume