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what are some tips on being a model?

I want to be one even tho im ugly I can pretend im pretty
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4 answers

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Jahmarl’s Answer

There are several ways to get into modeling! The first step is to never think of yourself as being, "ugly" and work on building confidence! The sky is the limit.

thank you! but alot people say i am ugly other say im not Marie E.

You're welcome. Try not to worry what others say. . Your will to keep going and give modeling a try may inspire someone else to keep pushing! You've got this! Jahmarl Hughes

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Jennifer’s Answer

Smile and show your beauty and confidence! See if you can work with a local photographer to take some pictures you in differing outfits and poses. If you can't do that, use your own camera or iPhone. There are so many apps that are out there to help you edit your pictures to remove any blemishes (that we all have). And just start sending out your picture so modeling agencies and companies whose products you use and love. Good luck!

omg thank you so much Marie E.

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Adrian’s Answer

Hi Marie!

1. You are not ugly! Put out in the atmosphere that I am beautiful and no one can bring the light that I have!
2. If you want to be a model...TAKE PICTURES ALL THE TIME :)
3. Study the pictures and find your "good" angles
4. Decide on what will be your "thing", your game changer...what makes you DIFFERENT?
5. Then start posting away

Social media these days makes it very easy to get a following, but I recommend turning off the comments. People can be mean and rude. Ease into it and remember to love yourself!!

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Jamie’s Answer

"Everyone is beautiful but not everyone sees it."

First of all, believe in yourself; have self-confidence to make others believe that YOU are beautiful.
At the same time, build your network. You'll never know who will give you the big break you are looking for, but every opportunity counts and might as well accumulate experience in modeling.