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How soon do i have to select my major when entering college? What are people's opinions towards Anthropology majors and what career path can i go into??

I'm extremely fascinated by human culture, social sciences, and history. Anthropology seems like a happy medium in between them, can i get advice on this? Thanks :) #psychology #history #anthropology #humanities #social-sciences #peace-corps

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2 answers

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Kathryn’s Answer

The advice that my mom gave me when trying to choose a major, is to choose what interested me the most because I would be living and breathing it for 4 years. That was great advice because unless you're going into a field like engineering or medicine, a lot of what you learn in university are skills like critical thinking that can be used in any industry so you might as well hone those skills on a subject you enjoy. I'm a History major and I have a friend who studied Anthropology, both of us now work in the tech industry.

As for when to choose a major. I choose mine in first year and then adjusted it in 3rd year. The main thing is making sure you have the correct number of credits to graduate.

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Rhonda’s Answer

You need to ask yourself some questions - what is out there in the anthropology field? advancement? education? teaching maybe? where do you want to end up?

These are some questions you have to ask yourself and be honest. I can't answer them for you. Getting an education in teaching at a college might be the better option for you because it offers a wide range of options that covers each of the topics you have listed.