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I want to improve my Maths and Physics knowledge.

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i cant pick up this subjects #mathematics #math #physics

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Greg’s Answer

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Maria Price's answer is excellent, but I would also suggest following the blogs of some science-popularizers with a physics or mathematics bent. Beyond the (relatively) famous folks like Stephen Hawking, Neal deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, all of whom popularize science in various ways (and I have no idea whether any of them actually has a blog, but I'd bet some do), there are some less well-known folks and sites that I follow, such as:

https://astrobites.org/ - daily summaries of one current (or occasionally one historically important) astrophysics paper

https://medium.com/@startswithabang - physicist Ethan Siegel's blog site (no ads, published 1 week after the corresponding forbes.com articles)

https://briankoberlein.com/ - physicist Brian Koberlein's blog site (usually shorter and less frequent articles than Ethan's)

http://backreaction.blogspot.com/ - physicist Sabine Hossenfelder's blog (recently split between somewhat dense gravitational physics posts and easier philosophy-of-science posts)

http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/ and https://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/ - mathematician John Baez's home page and blog site (the latter is frequently _very_ dense, but many of the postings have beautiful pictures to pique your interest, and most of them start out simpler before going waaaay beyond what I can follow--anyway, have a look at the kinds of things he's written about on his UCR page, but don't be too discouraged if a lot of it's too abstract)

The goal here isn't to learn the underlying physics or mathematics but rather to keep a finger on the pulse of some of what's currently going on in research today. The selection above is a bit astrophysics-heavy because that's what I like, but I think it's also objectively one of the coolest areas since, you know, origin of the universe, black holes, colliding neutron stars, colliding galaxies, exploding stars, exoplanets, the possibility of alien life, and, of course, Starman's Tesla to Mars.

Maria I.’s Answer

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That is a great goal! There are many ways to go about this,but you must know what kind of learner you are: Kinesthetics(hands-on),Visual, Auditory,etc. When do you notice you learn the best? With a book, a video, an experience,or with another person? I would try several methods: tutoring for one on one, websites like Khan Academy for video, or math.com and physics classroom.com for just reading and practicing skills. Try mini activities from science buddies.org or seek out math puzzles. Then, test your skills on sites like Quizizz.com or Quizlet.com. Keeping a Login account will show your progress. For more in depth differentiated study, make an account with ck12.org for many subjects. Good studies! Yours in education, Mrs.Price

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