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Ricardo T.’s Avatar
Ricardo T. Jan 19, 2012 3362 views

What does it take to be an astrophysicist?

For example, what type of education and classes get you there? What type of interests or ambitions signal a path towards an astrophysical career? I am asking this question because I have a huge interest for medicine but astrophysics at the same time. I am having quite a bit of conflict on...

astrophysics math education science undecided

Aisha C.’s Avatar
Aisha C. Sep 09, 2012 4223 views

How hard is it to be a computer engineer ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be a computer engineer. engineering...


Jackson T.’s Avatar
Jackson T. Mar 09, 2013 12664 views

What are different career options if I am interested in computers?

I have heard about computer engineers and computer programmers, but I' wondering what other career options are out there if I like computers? Specifically, I like the internet, and being able to talk to my friends and people all over the world. computer computer-engineer...


Anthony T.’s Avatar
Anthony T. Oct 01, 2013 9297 views

How did you become confident in your programming abilities?

I started trying to learn to program, and I want to ask professional programmers how you became confident in your skills. Did it take you a long time? When did you know you were really awesome at programming? engineering programming...


Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Dec 26, 2013 916 views
Jordan L.’s Avatar
Jordan L. Feb 10, 2014 46711 views

What programming language should I try to learn first?

I am just learning to program in high school, but I am already learning HTML and CSS and Javascript. What should my next programming language be? I am going to go to college and I would like to start learning my next language now so I can be ahead of things for college. I know that "it...

java computer-programming ruby programming python software-development

Joan C.’s Avatar
Joan C. Feb 21, 2014 3621 views

Does it affect my job prospects if I take a gap year before college?

I'm wondering whether it would be a bad thing for my career if I took a gap year between high school and college. I'm interested in working in medicine, but I'm not sure if that will be as a doctor or as a researcher. But I'd like to go internationally at some point, and deferring my college...

gap-year college healthcare

Prithvi A.’s Avatar
Prithvi A. Mar 04, 2014 8819 views

Is doing a double major for Engineering and Economics in college a good choice?

My name is Prithvi and I am a Junior in High School. For a while, I have been interested in majoring in Finance or Economics and college, but I have a lot of experience in Engineering, specifically Computer Science, so I am motivated to take a double major. Should knowledge of Computer Science...

college computer-science engineering college-major finance economics

Daniel Z.’s Avatar
Daniel Z. Mar 04, 2014 768 views

What college should I go to?

I want to be an engineer but, I am not sure what type of engineer...maybe aerospace engineering. The only college I have in mind is Cal-Poly but, I want back-up options in case Cal-Poly does not work out. college...


Tom S.’s Avatar
Tom S. Apr 30, 2014 939 views

What's a normal day on the job for a mathematician?

I love math and i'm good at finding patterns so i was looking to be a mathematician. But every answer i've seen is confusing to me. Can you help me out? jobs math...


Judith C.’s Avatar
Judith C. May 06, 2014 1409 views

Is there anything surprising about your career?

In a student in high school researching different careers that i could possibly pursue in the future. I thought it would be interesting to see what surprised you about your career. engineer fashion journalism dance author...


Cristian A.’s Avatar
Cristian A. Apr 21, 2015 1190 views

What are some skills you learned outside of college that helped you in your field of Engineering?

While college education is a must in today's job market, what are some skills you learned outside of your schooling that helped you as an engineer in terms of competing in the job market? engineering...


Chinwe A.’s Avatar
Chinwe A. Aug 03, 2015 3469 views

Will getting a PhD in engineering aid in getting a research and development job in the industry

I'm a senior in high school; I'm not sure what field of engineering I want to go into. I do know that I would like to be involved in a research job in some industry. I'm interested in biomedical, aeronautical, and chemical engineering. Anyone of any field of engineering that has a research job...

engineering graduate-school chemical-engineering phd research industry

Anna V.’s Avatar
Anna V. Apr 12, 2016 695 views

If I majored in physics, what job opportunities would be available to me?

My name is Anna and I am a sophomore in high school. I took the high school Physics course last year and it was my absolute favorite class I've ever taken. I'm pretty sure I want it to be my major, but I don't really know what specific jobs I can do with a major in Physics. Thanks!...


Caitlin V.’s Avatar
Caitlin V. Apr 13, 2016 2103 views

What is it like working for NASA on a day to day basis?

I am a fifteen year old sophomore in high school and I have always been fascinated in space technology and NASA, in general. My parents and I traveled to Washington D.C. about two years ago, and one of my favorite places was Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. I was completely blown...

astrophysics science aerospace space robotics technology nasa astronomy