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If I go into special education would I be stuck in that field?

I have heard this is true. #teaching #teacher #special-needs

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3 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

No you would not be stuck as teaching and careers in teaching are ever changing, however those who go into Special Education are often highly sot after. Also just like middle school, it takes a special person, a different personality sometimes to be able to do well in Special Ed - those who go into special ed - usually stay in special ed, as it is a calling.

thank you very much Keerthana M.

Thank you very much Srigayathri A.

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Elaine’s Answer

I agree with what Stephenie above said. You are never stuck in a specific teaching position. Special education is very difficult, but those who feel- a calling and passion for it usually stay with it. If you decide to get into a regular class, your training and insight into special education. Issues will be very helpful in the irefI are classroom because many kids today have pro bless but don't qualify for special education classes and you will have the knowledge to help them. Good luck to you

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Denise’s Answer

Hi Shianne, I applaud you for considering special education as a career. I worked as a special education teacher for several years. I learned patience, compassion and listening skills that have proven invaluable. As a special education teacher, you will have a unique opportunity to connect with your students in a meaningful way. As a teacher, you will receive a basic teaching credential and choose special education as your specialty. So, you will have the ability to teach other subjects if you so choose. All in all, teaching is rewarding and I wish you great success in the future.

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