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What is the difference between Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology?

Trying to figure out which route to go if I am interested in doing medical research #biomedical-engineering #biotechnology #biotech

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2 answers

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Amit ’s Answer

Hello Kaitlin! That is a very commonly asked question. Biomedical Engineering can be considered to be a specialization under Biotechnology. While biotechnology broadly refers to the use to technology in addressing biological problems, biomedical engineering specifically deals with using engineering principles for investigating/modifying medical aspects.

I will give you an example. Let's say protein X is present in cancer cells, but absent/minimal in normal cells. Development of fluorescent antibodies for a protein X (to visualize it under a microscope) can be considered biotechnology. If you are using the same fluorescent antibodies to understand the mechanism of how that particular cancer propagates throughout the body, that would be considered Biomedical research. If you are using engineering tools like microfluidics and mimicking certain physiological conditions, and then assessing how those contribute to the cell stiffness, that would fall under biomedical engineering.

I hope I have been able to provide some clarity! Please keep in mind, sometimes they are used interchangeably, given the extremely interdisciplinary nature of these type of research. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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uday’s Answer

Biotechnology is a multifaceted field. But usually people who graduate get into jobs like downstream processing, Research associates in Pharma , sometime people get into bioinformatics field. ( more sciences)

Whereas Biomedical engineering is more related to medical devices. Related jobs are product developer/ research associate ( diagnostic device, imaging devices, regenerative medicine). ( more engineering subjects involved)

Please feel free to ask if you have queries