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Would you recommend being a nurse or physician assistant?

I am a pre-nursing student who was considering physician assisting for years but decided to switch to nursing because my parents wanted me to get a degree in something I could immediately make money off of (from my bachelors). I am not sure which career to do. Any recommendations? #nursing #physician #assistance

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2 answers

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Eileen’s Answer

I recommend you to be a nurse practitioner. You'll have a good income and even more opportunities

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Andrea’s Answer

Your nursing degree is a great step in the right direction, and yes you'll be able to start working right away. If you're satisfied with your nursing career, you'll have many opportunities; nursing is a wonderful profession. If you still feel the need to advance your career, you can apply to either an NP or PA program. If you're lucky, your employee may even pay for you to get your advanced practice degree. Nursing is a wonderful foundation for both, so you can't go wrong. It's usually possible to work while attending NP school, and you can do this part-time. PA school is full-time, and is a bit more intense. But the job market is excellent for both and salaries are nearly the same.