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What type of job will I be qualified for with a bachelors degree in political science?

I am very passionate about politics and have decided to study it. #international #federal-government #international-affairs #humanities #us-government #governance

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Shannon’s Answer

Hi Jake,

I have a degree in social policy which is a subset of political science. Currently, I am the CEO of a nonprofit organization. I have worked in consulting, philanthropy, and lobbying.

Political science at the undergraduate level is theoretical. You have to work in the field to get real experience. You can do that while you are in school to see if you like it. Elected officials have internship programs as do many nonprofits working in the political sphere.

The good news is that a political science major is much like any other liberal arts degree. You can do almost anything with it. My closest peers from college work in a variety of fields. My fellow graduates are a journalist, a hedge fund manager, a district attorney, a clean energy lobbyist, an elected official, a teacher, and several techies.

You can be anything.