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Nisha S.’s Avatar
Nisha S. Aug 18, 2018 315 views

Are there any risks to taking courses on a pass/fail basis?

If I'm applying to medical school, would it look bad on an application if I took a few core classes, like history, on a pass/fail basis? premed...


Timothy E.’s Avatar
Timothy E. Nov 15, 2020 191 views

Can you graduate college using all pass/fail courses?

I was watching Community and Leonard was leading for valedictorian but it turned out he took 1 class and got an A and since then took all pass/fail courses to keep his 4.0 GPA. Is that even possible? Obviously its just a tv show but I was curious if that actually could happen. 😂 graduate...

community passfail

Brody K.’s Avatar
Brody K. Jun 08, 2021 154 views

How should I narrow down my college options

I would not mind going to the other side of the country, or just a few hours away. I am more focused on getting a good education and going to a place where I would enjoy living. education...


Diana F.’s Avatar
Diana F. Jun 09, 2021 178 views

What to know before going to college?

I am an indecisive person. I don't want to go to college but at the same time I do. college...


Tina S.’s Avatar
Tina S. Jun 13, 2021 120 views

I'm not a native English speaker, but i'm gonna to university for studying Finance, my math is not really good, how to get ready to the high level Mathematics ? Is there some online course to recommend?

Firstly, thanks for helping! I'm a Chinese student, I'm worried about my college math course, could you give me some methods to preview the math or some fundamental online course? Especially, I don't know the technical vocabulary of math. Sincerely thank you. math...