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How can I get a good international scholarship to study arts preferably Film and Television and writing

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4 answers

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Saurabh’s Answer

Being an international student at US, when I opted to go for my undergraduate study, I did my fair share of research via site and available scholarship opportunities by colleges. It depends on which part of the world you are trying to seek your scholarships. Based on my experience and knowledge, I can say in US if you have good high school grades, well extra-curricular activities and participation along with good Recommendation letters then the chance is high. I believe collegeboard will be a good starting point if you are seeking for US.

For all other global universities, I can also say that pulling up the list of colleges you want to attend and visiting their scholarship section or sometimes directly reaching to relevant department. Good luck!!

Thank you so much for the advice Ruby J.

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Mahnoor’s Answer

As an international student, it is very important to do thorough research before choosing a college. The next important thing is to connect with alumni or present international students from that college as they will be able to guide you. Ask them what is that one piece of advice they wished someone had given them when they started off.
When it comes to creative fields, portfolio plays a very important role so make sure you see the work of people studying at that university and build a portfolio that stands out. For my university, SCAD the amount of scholarship was dependent on the previous academic performance and portfolio. Different universities have different categories of scholarship which you need research on or ask the international students who are studying there. My institute has a multicultural scholarship for international students for which you have to write an essay. I came to know about it after my admission.

Thank you so much Ruby J.

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Cindy’s Answer

I would advise getting as involved as possible with Arts Productions, such as Community Theaters, Musical Production/Recording Studios. Volunteer with them, get to know those involved and learn the language of the business. Once you've gotten to know the managers, etc., tell them what you're interested in doing in turns of internships; have a resume' of your experience (paid and volunteer, your educational level, and goals written up to share with them so that they will hopefully give you leads to pursue.

Thank you so much Ruby J.

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Heather’s Answer

Hi. I am international in that I was born, raised and went to university in Canada, then moved to the U.S. through my employer 25 years ago.

As you look at international universities, I'd suggest you look at the University of Alberta, Ryerson and other universities in Ontario, Canada. They all have film and television writing, as well as acting and drama schools. I have 2 very good friends who went to the University of Toronto, and another one who found a good film school in Quebec.

Canada has a strong film industry for employment especially in Toronto and Vancouver. So add that to your research list. They are across the border from the U.S. film industry - so many Toronto graduates can also work in New York, while Vancouver graduates get good contract or full-time positions with Los Angeles based studios.

Heather Srigley
MBA Marketing, Communications
Hi Tech Industry

Thank you so much Heather Ruby J.