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Is voluntary services in a specific work setting considered as experience to other job hiring officials?

Asked New York, New York

I want a business management minor, but my focus is culinary arts. If I volunteer at a local restaurant, would that time spent be considered as experience in the field to others? #business #volunteering #culinary-arts #volunteer

3 answers

Sarah’s Answer

I agree with the comments above. I volunteered A LOT during my college years, and the experiences that I had volunteering helped me get internships and into grad school. As long as you state (on your resume/ in an interview) that the experience was voluntary, you should be good. I believe that spending your free time gaining these experiences and/or giving back to the community is a great indication of your personality and passion, so most employers like to see that experience on a resume.

Linda Ann’s Answer


Greetings, Sebastian!

If the skills that you are developing in your volunteer gig are consistent with the skills a prospective employer is looking for, then the answer is YES.

It is important that the person(s) who is supervising you at the volunteer gig has sufficient opportunity to see you in action, so to speak. Why? So that this person can serve as a credible reference when you apply for work. They also must be willing to serve in the capacity of a reference; that means of course that you've had a conversation with this person(s) about their willingness to take on this responsibility.

It is very noble that you are volunteering. Bravo.

Jeannine’s Answer

Updated Jacksonville, Florida

Hi Sebastien,

If the work you are doing is the same as the work someone is paid for, I would say there is no difference in the experience.

Volunteering often gives you opportunities to learn something new and build skills. These skills can be used in a future job or a life opportunity. If you do volunteer and learn skills that are related to a job you are applying for, be sure to highlight them. Make sure the person you are speaking with understand the value of the skills learned, or your resume reflects the work you are doing and the skills you have learned and can bring to the organization.

Good Luck!