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When selecting and entering a college, how do you handle the change of pace from being dependent to independent?

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I am the youngest graduate from my high school, I will be graduating at the age of 16. I've matured faster than most my age but I still feel unprepared to handle life on my own. This is a vital question regarding my survival in college and life. #college #counselor #coaching #support

2 answers

Jeremy’s Answer


First, congratulations on graduating so early!

I remember starting college, it was big and seemed like I would get lost every where I went. I slowly learned though, colleges are setup to be as helpful as possible. Don't be afraid to ask faculty and staff for help, as well as other students. I walked all over campus for the first semester before I finally learned the shuttle was free :-)

I recommend finding the location of all your classes a day or 2 before each semester starts and map out a good route to get to them. Know where the restrooms are along the way and figure out where you're going to eat.

Take things one step at a time and remember why you're there. Be willing to learn and heed the advise of those who've already been there. Know that some teachers are going to be great and want to see you succeeded while some are just going to be going through the motions.

Know that you should not only learn the content but also learn how to think and apply it. I recommend finding at least 1 academic organization to join, it makes finding like minded friends easier.

Don't be afraid to sit towards the front of the room and don't be afraid to ask questions of those around you.

Stay in contact with your advisor and have a good relationship with them. A good advisor will go the extra mile to help you find the resources you need. Don't wait until the last second to register for next semesters classes. The moment you are able to register, do so. The good classes go fill up fast.

Finish school on time and if doing student loans, don't borrow even 1 penny more than what you need. Student loan debt can be one of the biggest sources of stress for college graduates.

Most importantly, enjoy your time in college!

Rhonda’s Answer

Transitioning from being home with your parents to living independently can be tough at any age. I recommend finding a strategy to balance your new freedom with a measure responsibility. Many college freshman are overwhelmed by the freedom, choice, and need to be disciplined. You should with your parents set some guidelines and boundaries that will help you stay focused and accountable while you're away from home. You should also do your best to be mindful of the reason you decided to go to college and the potential long term impacts of any decisions that are made in the moment. You may also want to connect with a mentor, teacher, or advisor who can help you with the transition and provide some level of grounding while you're in school