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What are some good careers you can go into with getting a business management degree?

I am asking this question because business management is the degree i plan on pursuing and i would like to know more about what kind of jobs one qualifies for when they have a business management degree. #business #management

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Hello Austen, Nice to meet you and great question. I have an undergraduate degree in business management and can give you my perspective on a few things. Studying business administration (or business management) will give you a broad (wide but not deep) look into how a business runs. You’ll learn a bit about all of the main disciplines like finance, accounting, marketing, sales, human resources – as well as cross-topics like leadership and entrepreneurship. Learning such a variety of topics can be fun, give you wider perspective than others, and help you find areas that you like (if you’re unsure of what’s available). Keep in mind you will be guided to become a “jack of all trades, but master of none” – meaning you will know a bit about everything in business, but you may not have expertise in one subject – and usually, a company is looking for those who can do one thing very well. This usually means that business management graduates go into non-technical roles, where they are doing things involved in marketing, sales, or human resources. Having the word “management” in your degree does not mean you will be hired directly into management, but may be helpful for you to make that move in your (near) future. You may want to consider double majoring to pick up more specific expertise in another discipline of business (I did a double major with management and marketing) or add a major/minor in a different field depending on your interests – perhaps computer science, engineering, or statistics. General business degrees are powerful when combined with technical expertise because you will benefit from understanding how the entire business fits together and develop softer skills (like good communication) – which may be lacking in technical areas. Through work experience, I found my way into analytics, and have found a business degree to be a good combination. Regardless of your decision on double majoring - you’ll want to find other activities on-campus and off-campus that give you exposure into business as you search for where you want to start your career. Find an internship, volunteer, and/or join clubs that give you experience into areas that sound interesting to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things – it’s okay to find out that you don’t like something – you are learning and growing.
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Take a look at Glassdoor or Linkedin. Search for job looking for business degree or people who had the degree and see what their first jobs are. I would imagine it is very broad from marketing to finance, or even business analytics.

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