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Jen Taylor

Wireless Engineer with experience in SP, RE and Network seeking management role
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Irving, Texas
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Sarah Mar 16, 2018 737 views

How can I be taken more seriously as a striving women engineer?

I have been studying to become a geological engineer and recently was accepted to a very prestigious engineering university. The only problem is many classmates and teachers have told me that because I am a girl I will struggle to find work in my field and should look into something else....

Harmony’s Avatar
Harmony Sep 01, 2017 1204 views

How do you get a good job in your major after college?

A lot of people I know who graduated college are having a hard time getting a job. Some people say its about your connects, so were does college come in?
#engineering #careers

austen’s Avatar
austen May 19, 2016 894 views

What are some good careers you can go into with getting a business management degree?

I am asking this question because business management is the degree i plan on pursuing and i would like to know more about what kind of jobs one qualifies for when they have a business management degree. #business #management

Elton’s Avatar
Elton Feb 08, 2017 826 views

What is your favorite part about this job as a engineer?

I a high school student who wants to learn about this job. #engineering

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Dec 21, 2016 1107 views

What are the pros and cons about owning a business?

Any feedback would be great. #business

Armine’s Avatar
Armine Feb 07, 2017 916 views

Is there any website that I could sell products online with minimal fees?

Hi, I would like to start my own business/website, in which I would like to sell some fashion items. I would like to know if there is a website that allows you to blog and sell items with minimal fees. #business #fashion #business-development #websites #selling #items