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Sarah G. Mar 16, 2018 230 views

How can I be taken more seriously as a striving women engineer?

I have been studying to become a geological engineer and recently was accepted to a very prestigious engineering university. The only problem is many classmates and teachers have told me that because I am a girl I will struggle to find work in my field and should look into something else....

#womenengineer #engineer #girlengineer #collegebound #geologicalengineer #provethemwrong

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Sarah G. Mar 16, 2018 315 views

How did you know your major was right for you?

I recently chose my major for college but I've been having some second thoughts. I don't have any close family members who went to college and it would be really great to hear from someone who has experience how exactly you knew you'd made the right decision when choosing your major. #major...

#confused #help #collegebound