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I am chithra. now i am finish +2 history group. next what course i can join in college.?

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Help me to join in college #history #consulting #e-commerce

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Anwar’s Answer


Post completion of 10+2 Course in History the most obvious option is to pursue Bachelors / Masters degree in Arts - History. (BA History / MA History)

You may find this link helpful if you want to explore colleges offering BA history courses

This open a variety of career options like
- Career in Teaching history
If you wish to teach school/high-school students, a BA B.Ed in History will qualify you for the same.

  • Digging for lost treasures, dynasties and civilizations
    The entire earth is a historian’s field both literally and figuratively. By doing either a Masters in Archaeology/post graduate courses/ a doctorate in the subject, you can dig away to your heart’s content!

  • Preserving ancient treasures
    You may consider preserving history for future generations. While discovering ancient relics, remnants of past civilizations is important, conserving them and making the general populace aware of their existence and significance is equally important.

  • Bringing artifacts under the hammer!
    Going, going gone! It is not just the one conducting the auction that does all the work in an art auction house. As a student of history if art is an area of interest to you, then there are quite a few lucrative options for you to pursue. Auction houses in India and abroad have a flourishing world business in the field of art.

  • Writing or rewriting history…
    In recent times, there was a raging debate over history textbooks being re-written from the perspective of a certain political party. There is a need for historians and history writers to be able to analyse, interpret and re-write history from various perspectives and provide room for narratives of more than one kind to be represented. As a sensitive historian, you can write history books/contribute to journals and publications with such narratives. After all history is not just the story of the vanquished from the perspective of the victor.