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which degree is apt to become a news reader?

Hi,I would like to pursue a career as News reader,So planning to do my Bachelors in mass communication,would like to know am I in the right track. television oral-communication newspaper-reporting

Thank you very much Mutharasi S.

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3 answers

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Bindu’s Answer

To become a new reader you should posses a degree in Journalism. This will help you to work for other fields in media which is a mass communication platform.
There is more 15% growth in job opportunity in this field in last few year.
Journalism is platform where you can use to put forth your idea on which ever subject you like to.
Top most reputed colleges where you can opt for this degree in India are IIMC-Delhi, XIC-Mumbai, ACJ- Bangalore and many more.
Degree and Master Degree in Journalism along with mass communication can be opted for a better job opportunities.

Thank you very much. Mutharasi S.

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Prem’s Answer

Hi Akhil,

-News broadcasters are typically required to hold a bachelor's degree in journalism, communications or a related field.
-Beginning news broadcasters may earn this experience through internship programs, which are often incorporated into bachelor's degree programs.

Prem Thomas

Thank you very much. Mutharasi S.

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Vijay’s Answer

Broadcast, journalism, mass communications