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How does one become a successful entertainment lawyer?

Is it just about going to a good school and knowing the right people? #law #law-school #entertainment-law

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You are from my hometown! I was born and raised in Saint Augustine and I still have several relatives there. It's a beautiful city and I miss it. To answer your question, to be a good entertainment attorney you need to be passionate in that field. To start, you need to earn good grades, attend a reputable college, and a decent law school. While you are in college and in law school, you should look for internships in the entertainment industry. Internships are a good way to become familiar with a field and to make connections. In law school you will choose which electives you wish to take. These electives will help you prepare for a career in that area once you are an attorney. Of course, if you are serious about becoming an attorney in such a specialized area, you will benefit from moving to an area where there is more of a demand, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or Atlanta (to name a few).

Good luck with your studies!

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Hi Shelly, the advice given by Noel is really good. Like your dream job-title says, you need to be versed in entertainment and law. First one is easy: attend and use all types of entertainment (media, music concerts, theatre, DIY venues, films ..etc) and make sure you get a hands-on understanding of the entertainment industry. Example: organize a musical event at a live venue in your college campus, be part of a band, record music in a studio, do educational film screenings...etc And don't forget to have fun and enjoy it. Second one is the toughest and that is the law part. You need to go to a reputable law school, and get a solid foundation on US law. Good luck!

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