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Elena’s Avatar
Elena Feb 08, 2017 880 views

Can you turn down a client as a lawyer?

I was thinking can you turn down a client as a lawyer if you think that what they did was wrong and they don't want to fight for them? #law #lawyer

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Brianna Feb 09, 2017 892 views

My question career is lawyer

What collage would you go to?
How many degrees would you have to have?
How would you start ? #3

RaeAnna’s Avatar
RaeAnna Jan 27, 2017 3631 views

What are good ways to make money online as a college student?

Looking for ways to earn cash along side a busy semester. #money #college-admissions #college-student #personal-assistant

RaeAnna’s Avatar
RaeAnna Jan 24, 2017 1169 views

Where should I look to volunteer to gain good experience for my resume to apply to a Physician Assistant graduate program?

Most graduate schools require the potential student to have observation hours. What is the easiest way to gain those? What are other volunteer jobs that would look good on a resume? How should I contact a potential working PA to ask if I can job shadow them? Is job shadowing enough? So, in the...

Shelly’s Avatar
Shelly May 19, 2016 1191 views

How does one become a successful entertainment lawyer?

Is it just about going to a good school and knowing the right people? #law #law-school #entertainment-law