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How do I become a nurse practitioner?

I have learned the process for employment. Can the process start following graduation but before passing the boards or do you have to wait until after passing the boards? Where should a new grad look for employment opportunities? Any tips or suggests... #nurse-practitioner #nursing #hospital-and-health-care #higher-education #medicine #healthcare

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Always do your research, first and foremost! Depending on the NP program some require that you work one full year minimum as an RN before applying to NP school. So the process could be started however you’d have to be licensed as an RN (passing your boards) and have to get recommendations as well as anything else required to apply.
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Before you go to grad school to be a nurse practitioner most programs require you to work as an RN (check program prerequisites). Basically, you have to go to nursing school, pass boards, go to grad school and pass more boards. As far as finding employment opportunities go I believe its similar to other professions (besides networking), online mostly.
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