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Jessamine N. May 13, 2016 656 views

If I get a BNS and later decide to become a doctor, how difficult would the transition be?

I'm a high school junior and have not decided whether or not I want to be a nurse or a doctor. #doctor #healthcare #registered-nurses #doctorate-degree...


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Melanie H. May 19, 2016 569 views

How do I become a nurse practitioner?

I have learned the process for employment. Can the process start following graduation but before passing the boards or do you have to wait until after passing the boards? Where should a new grad look for employment opportunities? Any tips or suggests... #nurse-practitioner #nursing...

#hospital-and-health-care #higher-education #healthcare #medicine

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Aczel B. May 19, 2016 612 views

Is it better to become a RN or LVN?

In my medical terminology I became aware of an LVN which had me interested which could be better an RN or LVN. #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses...


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Tia B. May 22, 2016 564 views
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Brittani P. May 24, 2016 485 views

What are the most important classes to take for Neonatal Nursing?

I am about to become a freshman in college and I would like to become a Neonatal nurse. Ever since i was a little girl, looking through the glass at the babies was always the first thing an the only thing i wanted to do hen walked into a hospital. #doctor #neonatal #nursing #medicine...


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Bailey D. May 26, 2016 334 views

How do you remain calm the first few times you respond to a patient coding?

I'm asking this question because as I further my education, I will have more exposure to medical facilities where a patient coding is likely to happen. As prepared as I feel now and will with more training, I know I have a lot of adrenaline, and would like to know tips from a past or present...


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Alyssa V. May 26, 2016 596 views

What are the best Nursing fields to work in?

I want to be a nurse but I never knew that there was more to it than just 'nursing'. There are actually different fields in nursing that I have never heard of and I just want to know what is the best and interesting fields. #nursing #nurse #medicine #healthcare...


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Melissa W. May 27, 2016 429 views

How has nursing changed you?

I am considering a career in nursing (thinking about pediatric nursing) and I want to assess the impact nursing will have on me. I've heard some horror stories about high turnover rates among nurses, yet I know I want to help people. How can I know that this is the correct career choice for...

#nursing #pediatric-nursing #registered-nurses

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Gabriel H. Oct 27, 2016 387 views

What questions should I be prepared to answer during an interview for Nursing?

I am curious as to the process after college....


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Rebeka G. Oct 25, 2017 448 views

what college is best to become a nurse

im asking because i want to be a really good hard working nurse #nurse #nursing...