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I want to go to Clemson University to become a obgyn nurse what besides nursing should I major/ minor in?

My GPA's not that great but my SAT & ACT scores were great. #nursing #university #medicine #college-major

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Nursing programs are pretty rigorous! Your chemistry, biology, anatomy, pharmacology, etc. classes your first couple years, and your second two years involve multiple days a week of clinical hours in a hospital. You won't have much room to double major most likely. I would say a minor in Spanish would be the most useful in nursing, or even if you just pick up an intro class in another language.

I'm a nursing major with a minor in healthcare management, a business minor. This helps me understand the healthcare system in terms of insurance payments, risk management, and other management roles. I really like it!

If you have any room in your curriculum for other classes, fill it with something you're interested in. The greatest part about college is getting to choose the classes where you learn exactly what you want. Learning more about any field can enhance your nursing career in one way or another.

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First focus on getting into your school of choice (best of luck you got this)! Then take your pre-requisite courses that will make you eligible to apply for nursing school (yes you have to get accepted despite being in university). But you’ll learn your foundations of all areas of Nursing in nursing school. Once you graduate if you choose to be a labor and delivery RN or post-partum RN that’s mainly based on the unit you apply to work. However, if you’re saying you want to be a mid-wife or and OB nurse practitioner then that’s something completely different.
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