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What skills are needed for career and colleges for an orthodontist?

I go to Cane Bay high school. I was born in Georgia. I am interested in becoming an orthodontist. I want to get into University of South Carolina. I want to learn how how and what it takes for others to become an orthodontist. I want to become an orthodontist as I get older because I want to help others out. I want to help people get what they want. I don't want people to be insecure about their smile because of their teeth. This would be a great opportunity to learn something new. career university college college-major

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2 answers

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RAVI’s Answer

Glad to you hear that you have decided on your career. That is the first step and an important one.
You also have a great purpose in life. World would be a better place with people like yourself.

Looks like you have already decided to go to U of South Carolina. Go to their web site and find out the admission requirements. You may be close enough to work with your parents to go visit the campus and get more details in person and also link up with other students there.
Here are some quick details:

You will need an undergrad degree to become a dentist and then specialize in Orthodontics.
Like most High school students aspiring to go into professional career like yourself, you need first do well in high school.

1. Do well and maintain good GPA.
2. Take advanced courses (AP or IB or Honors) in Science and Math in high school if possible, to get a better understanding as well as to prepare yourself to do well in college.
3. Take ACT or SAT whichever USC requires.
4. Get into science fields preferably. Bio, Chem for example. Do well in college.
5. You would need to apply to Dentistry colleges. YUSC might offer dentistry program. Please check. Some colleges offer 7 or 8 year dentistry programs directly from high school. Work with your Guidance councilor to locate such colleges if you are interested.
6. Get into Dentistry and off you go.

You may also want to talk to your dentist for further advise on detailed steps as you progress. You still have a long time to learn more details.

I know this all looks pretty simple. But you can do it. You have already taken the first step. Wish you the very best.
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Barbara’s Answer

Hi there! That sounds like you would be an excellent orthodontist with the purpose of helping others. That's admirable! Here are the requirements for orthodontics school:
High school
Undergraduate university
Dental school
Orthodontics specialty education
Depending on the speed that these things are completed, it may take up to 10 years or more to become a certified orthodontist.
Here is a link that provides good information:
Skills would include: Successful orthodontists employ strong analytical, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Some work for large orthodontic practices, while others are self-employed and manage their own offices. Orthodontists generally work full time, mostly during the week though some might maintain Saturday office hours.
Hope this helps!