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How long does it take to begin clinicals if going into the nursing field?

Updated Tampa, Florida

I plan on majoring in Nursing, more specifically maternal and child labor. #nursing #pediatric-nursing #maternal-newborn-care #nurse #hospital #hospital-and-health-care

2 answers

Angela’s Answer

Updated Santa Rosa, California

I went to a junior college first so I had 2 years of pre requisites to do before I was accepted into the nursing program. Once in the nursing program we started clinical 6 weeks later. I also did a bridge program with a state university to get my BSN and we did clinical every semester ( it took 4 semesters to graduate) and started within 2 weeks of class. I’m not sure how it goes if you are planning to go right into a 4 year university. Either way, you’ll get there! Good luck!

Nyah’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
It depends on the Nursing school. Most schools you start clinicals right away in the first semester of you starting the program.