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What is like being a lawyer?

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2 answers

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Noemi’s Answer

First of, I am not a lawyer. Second, I have a graduate degree in Criminal Justice. I don’t know what it’s like to be a lawyer, but I would answer this based on my knowledge about Criminal Justice.

It depend what specialty you would want to pursue, but if you will pursue to be on a prosecution side, you have to work hard and focus. It is very important that you know the case on both sides (prosecution and defense) so that you can weigh in and plan accordingly on your case. There are many things to absorb such as procedures on collecting evidence, proving solid evidence and circumstantial evidence. Although you have investigators to work on this, you should also need to learn how they do their collection and preservation of evidence. This is a lot of work, sometimes things are easy sometimes it was dead end. But expect the unexpected when you opine a case. So, focus and hard work is what I’ve learned from Criminal Justice point of view. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Noemi recommends the following next steps:

You may also ask your Bar Association in your area probably they could answer more of what I’d explained here.

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Alexis’s Answer

I am not an attorney, but I suggest that you check for Law Schools on the internet or contact a local attorney and request that they be your mentor. A mentor would give accurate information and help to guide you in your career choice. Also, a mentor has many contacts that would be of advantage to you.