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I want to major in music, what is the best career I can do with that major?

I have played in the school band since 6th grade. I have always played percussion and love music. #music #and #the

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James’s Answer

Hi Ramiro. The answer really varies, depending on your desires as a musician. There are lots of possibilities.

First, ask yourself, is money an issue? Do you want to be a full time employee, earning enough to pay for everything you need? Or would you be ok making occasional money in addition to a more stable job? Income levels vary widely in the music industry. Typically a job working for a larger company, not as a performing musician but still involved in the industry, will make better and more steady income. Performers, composers and songwriters are on the other end of the spectrum, with income usually coming from several different sources, and not enough to live on (except in very rare, lucky cases).

Next ask yourself what you really want to do with music. Do you want to write music? This is the hardest thing to do, and usually pays the least, but can be very rewarding on a personal level. Do you want to perform music written by someone else? You have to be very proficient to get a stable job as a performer - either as a session musician or a member of a group (band, orchestra, theater, cruise ship). Do you just want to apply your knowledge of music to another field? Teaching, therapy, editing, licensing, artist relations, etc.

What level of school are you in now? The best thing to do to prepare for a career in music is to be involved with music in as many ways as you can find. Join bands, go to local concerts and shows, join the choir, volunteer at your school or church or community center, participate in stage productions, get an internship or job at a record store, music instrument store or school.

Lastly, never put down your instrument. I keep a guitar or keyboard in the rooms in my house I frequent the most. Practice whenever you can, even if you aren't going to work as a musician. Keep playing, even after your friends have stopped.