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How fast should you expect to get a job after college?

Want to start my career as soon as possible. #college #graduate #and #the

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Lindsey’s Answer

How quickly you get a job offer right out of college completely depends on how much effort you put in to your job search. There are a few of suggestions I have for you.
1. Start looking and applying for a job early on your senior year. Don't wait until you graduate!!
2. Practice interviewing skills early (don't wait until the last minute!). This will have a huge impact on how quickly you get a job out of school. I recommend seeking out informational interviews your junior and senior years. This would be beneficial for a few reasons - first and foremost it'll give you great practice interviewing in a less formal (and therefore pressure) setting, building your professional network, and getting insight into a career you're interested in pursuing.
3. Get internships and/or entry level jobs throughout college and make the most of them. If you work hard and prove your worth in job(s) you have in school it could be your (full time) ticket in to a job out of college. Think of internships as a "test run". Companies will be evaluating your performance!

I hope these few tips are helpful. Again, work hard and you'll secure a job quickly!