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What kind of careers would allow me to travel internationally on business?

Asked Sarasota, Florida

I love to travel, learn new languages, and experience other cultures. I have searched for jobs that would involve regular travel but am having a hard time finding a degree program that would open up such opportunities and allow financial stability. #travel #international #international-affairs #culture

3 answers

Susan’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
Hello, Eleni - while a career in the travel industry seems fairly obvious, that may not be your preference. Many companies today are global in nature and offer employees international work opportunities. I work for a large, global insurance company and was given the opportunity to spend 15 months in Asia opening a new office. I have also worked for airlines and travel companies - and traveled with all of them! The opportunities are vast and really depend on your interests, skills, and goals.

Allyson’s Answer

Updated Washington

Eleni - in addition to employment opportunities with the US Government, there are many options for someone interested in international travel. Some people enjoy working with international humanitarian groups like International Rescue Committee (IRC) where the focus is serving vulnerable groups (rather than US policy) or with the United Nations and its many areas of humanitarian and international administration responsibilities. There are also great options in the US with organizations like the Red Cross or other groups like the Gates Foundation if you are interested in public health. Finally, others like to apply international skills to working with large corporations developing projects in Europe (did you know groups like eBay have European offices?) or other businesses operating in emerging markets. There are so many things to consider. Enjoy exploring your many options!

Todd’s Answer

Updated Washington

Look at State Department careers. The Foreign Service (which also covers Commerce, Agriculture, and USAID) will require you to live overseas. But Civil Service positions at State will have travel opportunities even though you will be based in DC.

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