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How do you decide how to style the hair of a client who's indecisive?

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2 answers

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Andrea’s Answer

You will have indecisive clients and you will have clients with unrealistic expectations or clients impossible to please. The best part is that you can say no. Sometimes that's the best option. You're not a one size fits all stylist.

There is an art to the consultation. Why is the client indecisive? Use photos. What about the photo do they like? What do they not like in the photo. Often, a client wants to look like the person in the photo, not really the hair. So it's key to really dissect their goals and likes.

It's important to understand their commitment to styling the look. They want a look that requires 45 minutes of styling but they refuse to even blowdry their hair? It's your job to help them understand what it takes to maintain and style the look as well.

So just like learning all of the techniques in Cosmetology, you must also perfect the art of the consultation.

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C.Peaches’s Answer

You don't! Be confident in your consulting and agree to a end result. This only saves time, and assures customer satisfaction as well as retention. Know you can not please everyone. You have the right to say no thank you and guide them to look elsewhere.
Lastly there is no such thing as competition. Your craft will attract your clientele. Much success on your journey to cosmetology.