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Krishigan Y. Mar 13, 2020 168 views

Is it possible to get all of my financial aid from scholarships

I want to know if its possible to get all my financial aid for a university that costs 58k from online scholarships and if so, how many I would roughly have to apply to in order to gain anywhere close to that amount , and I know its unrealistic to get that much from scholarships so i wanted to...

#financial-aid #college #scholarship

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Dafne E. Mar 13, 2020 140 views

What strengths do you need for massage therapy

Have always been interested in massage therapy. Like to help people. #career #therapy...


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Yamil G. Mar 13, 2020 155 views

How can I be a better barber ?

How can I improve my barber skills specifically the razor blade and the scissors? Some of my skills In barbering are fading really well , doing basic designs, shape ups....