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Does having a BFA help get into grad school for acting?

rising sophomore drama major #july2020

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1 answer

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Doc’s Answer

Gabe while master's degree programs are not usually required and are less common, there are Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Acting or Theater programs available. Students may also choose to pursue related degree programs, such as master's degree programs in film and video editing, filmmaking, or film and television.

STEP 1.) EARN YOUR BACHELOR'S DEGREE – Although a formal acting education is not required, it is common for actors to pursue at least some postsecondary education. There are many different cities throughout the country, such as Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta, that are home to acting schools with acting courses and degree programs available. Bachelor's degrees are fairly common among actors and actresses – they help can make them more competitive in the field. Aspiring actors may pursue a bachelor's degree in acting, drama, or other closely related fields, like filmmaking. Usually, these degree programs result in a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

STEP 2.) PURSUE TRAINING – With or without formal education, many actors will choose to pursue long-term training by taking various actress classes. Students may continue to take acting courses at the college level or pursue various courses/training to learn a related skill. For example, actors or actresses may take some online dance courses or singing lessons to prepare for a role.

STEP 3.) AUDITION – As mentioned, acting is a competitive field and actors must usually compete for a role through an audition process. Typically, these auditions take place with the production's director, casting director, and/or producer. Actors may prepare for an audition by memorizing lines and considering how to interpret the character.

STEP 4.) GAIN EXPERIENCE – In order to grow her reputation, an actors must perform in as many productions as possible. Generally, actors will begin performing in local theater productions or independent movies and may continue auditioning for larger roles.

STEP 5.) HIRE AN AGENT – When a bit of momentum starts to build, it’s time to call in some help. An experienced agent can help actors succeed by offering a huge network of contacts, helping them avoid rookie mistakes and getting auditions that might not be available otherwise. Though not all actors will have an agent, those who want to work with the largest theater or movie companies will need to have one.

Hope this was Helpful Gabe

Doc recommends the following next steps:

Excellent Communication – Since much of acting is conveying emotion, setting a scene and otherwise connecting with the audience, top-notch speaking and reading skills are imperative.
Wild Creativity – Actors are in a very creative profession, and they have to be able to keep up with other creative types. That means letting ideas flow like water, offering unusual points of view, and keeping their creativity going with other mediums, including writing or singing.
Great Memorization – Memorizing a script in order to perform long, unbroken scenes is a must for any actor in any area of entertainment.
Physical Stamina – Acting may entail being on set for many long hours or handling several hours of stage work without a break, especially during live performance. Being in good physical condition is the key to handling it.
Persistence – There are many actors out there and far too few roles for them. It can be easy to give up when faced with near-constant rejection; the best actors learn early on to simply keep on trying.