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What kind of jobs are available for majors in Information Technology Management?

Information Technology management will be my major in college, however I will choose a minor in Business Analytics. I would definitely want to land a job that is still business related, even though my major will involve more technology.

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4 answers

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Jackson’s Answer

Nicholas: I am glad that you are expressing interest in Information Technology Management with a minor in Business Analytics. As a Gen Z, you were born with a mobile phone in hand. :-) What I am saying is that you should be very comfortable of using information technology. You are already leveraging information technology to "manage" your life. You probably have a Gmail account, splitting dinner checks using Venmo, and getting around town using Uber.
With skills and understanding of business intelligence, you can help company to forecast the sales and revenue impact due to Covid-19. If you want to stay in mainstream IT, you can be a system administrator or a database administrator to begin your career.
One of the hottest job market is in the field of cybersecurity. I would encourage you to exploit the field of cybersecurity and take few classes to gauge your interest. There are more job openings in cybersecurity than the candidates with cybersecurity skills.

Good luck and stay safe.

Jackson recommends the following next steps:

Identify and interview your university IT department staff to understand the life as an information technology specialist
Check out the website cyberseek.org to learn about the exiciting field of cybersecurity.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Technology is essential to all industries and business analytics is in use financial aspect. So, the major and minor you have selected can offer a lot of job opportunities.

You can consider to develop your career on Software development in Finance division, e.g. MIS, Financial Reporting, etc. On the other hand, if you interested in business analysis, you can consider to further develop your career on Business Planning.

Hope this helps!

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Joe’s Answer

Hi Nicholas,

I think a great field to look into would be technology consulting. Simply put, a technology consultant helps companies solve business problems that are related to database management, IT infrastructure, or other technology aspects of their business. Not only do you get to work hands on with the technology aspect of the company, but you also get exposure into their operations and other management functions.

A possible tech consulting scenario could look into a firm's application environment and if they have the ability to up-scale their current operations given their current capabilities.

I hope this helps expand your areas of interest for careers!


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Kevin’s Answer

Second vote for a career in cyber security. There's a every growing need to balance business and technology. IT resources whom are able to apply, integrate and connect the two along with leading organizations (and people) to embrace and execute these changes will be successful. As Jackson shared, demand in this field is high as there are more jobs than candidates. Likewise, companies are competing for the brightest minds to join their security teams and having a willingness to pay very competitive salaries to accomplish that.