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I want to become an army officer. What can I do to become an army officer?

I am Priyanka from Bangalore . Now am in 10th std . When I go to college I should not get confused on what I want to take to become army officer. So I am asking this question #military #army

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3 answers

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Tosha’s Answer

There are a few ways to become am officer. One is goto college and get atleast a bachelor's degree before joining the service. There are several options when it comes to college and how you want to approach it. There is another option that is called green to gold. What this option does is allow you to enlist and then goto school and become an officer. However the second one is a program you have to qualify for.

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Bonita’s Answer

Hi. I joined the Army after I attended college and received a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Commissioned officers enter the Military with a four year degree or receive officer training after joining and complete a tour. You can prepare yourself by taking Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) while in high school or a university. You can also attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) after graduating from college or become commissioned by earning a professional degree. If you decide to earn a degree, think about what you would like to do while in the military. The experience in the military was very rewarding. I wish you well and much success in your future.

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Col Sen’s Answer

Dear Priyanka,

Greetings! I have answered this question to Eshwari few days ago. I am going to reproduce that answer with bit of modifications as required for better clarity.

From your background, I could make out that you are from Bangalore and a student of 10th standard but your location is Rhode Island, USA. So I am not very clear as to which Army you wish to join ? Is it the US Army or the Indian Army? It is important to know that very few foreign nationals can join Indian Army (like Nepali citizens etc.). So you have to ascertain for yourself as to which citizenship you hold and accordingly you can join armed forces of the respective countries. Both are highly professional armies and respected a lot. I shall answer the modalities about the Indian Army, assuming that is the natural choice.

So, to answer your query, there are following options for you to become army officer:

  1. Do your B.Sc and that will be good as you have wider choices including flying branches in air force and executive branches in Navy. Similarly BA/B.Com if you are not looking for flying or executive branches.
  2. Should you wish to be doctor in Army then you can appear for entrance Test for AFMC, Pune or Army Dental College after class 12th with PCMB. However, you can do the same by attending Medical colleges from civil institutes in India/abroad.
  3. You can also join Military Nursing Services after B.Sc or Diploma in Nursing but majority of them are trained within army organisations (after 12th only with PCMB).
  4. You can join after doing your graduation in Engineering (Civil, Mech, Electrical, Electronics or Computer Sciences) or Masters in Physics with Electronics or Computers for engineering branches.
  5. You can also join in Education Corps by doing M.Sc/MA/M.Com with or without B.Ed or in Legal services by doing your Law Degree.

After your basic education, application and selection test processes, one has to clear SSB (Services Selection Board) which is a very stringent 5 days test (compulsory for all including Women officers except medical professionals). It is one of the best methods of test I know to assess the suitability for military services (as officers), a proven method of testing of one's psyche, leadership qualities which takes all the aspects of your personality into account and decide. Although, success rate is pretty low but don't get disheartened and demotivated. Key to success in SSB is a sound mind with sound body, positive attitude and basic IQ. If I could do with an average IQ and humble educational backgrounds, why not you? There were many friends (within my batch) of whom we thought that they will never make it to the SSB but they did qualify and now serving as Major General.

Please refer the links given below and you can find scores of material to read about SSB on the net or through books.

All the Very Best! Jai Hind!


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A very detailed and to-the-point answer. It helped me a lot. Thanks! Samyukta S.