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How can college students utilize their campus career center to its full potential?

Hi, I'm Caroline! I will be a senior in college and I am studying Accounting. #career-advice

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5 answers

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Emily’s Answer

Being an accounting major, your school's career center is a great resource for you!

Traditional accounting careers start in a public firm, at a larger scale "the big 4" or on a more regional or local level. My advice would be to have your career center put you in contact with recruiters from these various firms, who can be resources for you to ask questions to, or can help you find what firm or role is right for you. Usually these recruiters are eager to meet with students, and have a lot of experience being on college campuses and placing students into their firms.

Before you do this, I would make sure you have a good resume and LinkedIn page, and your career center will definitely be able to help you review these things as well!

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Caroline:

This is a great question. You've received some awesome advice and I'd like to share a few more tips. I encourage you to visit your career center often. The advisers have access to information that may not be posted or public. Schedule a meeting and explore opportunities (ie, talk about your interests, major, etc.). Make sure to have your resume on hand and prep for any upcoming interviews. The adviser could help with this. Best of luck to you on your journey!

~ Sheila

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Zack’s Answer

Hi! Career Centers have a lot to offer students. As a staff member in a campus career center, I can tell you that they are designed to be an asset to each and every student. They have unique offerings for students of every age, whether an incoming freshman, or a senior looking for employment. A great place to start is with a resume review where you can get help organizing and filling your resume to catch the eye of a recruiter. Additionally, they often offer classes in networking, LinkedIn, and career selection. They also offer countless professional contacts with hundreds of companies across a wide variety of fields.

As a senior, go visit your career center, have them review your resume, and then ask them about their job board. Each center often offers a unique job posting board in which you can search for open positions, and filter by your interests. Then, they can help you beef up your application and help prepare you for an interview through mock interviews.

Hope this helps!

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Cullen’s Answer

As an accounting student, there are tons of possibilities for a career in the field so you should be sure to visit your career center and talk with the counselors there so that they can help you to know all of your options.

Career centers are helpful for several reasons including, but not limited to, building a good resume, learning about careers and employers within your desired field, and getting in contact with recruiters or professionals that can help you learn more and get connected.

All of these services can ultimately help you find out how to apply for jobs and how to make yourself look your best on these applications so that you can get interviews and find the job that you want.

It al starts with going in or scheduling a meeting and taking advantage of everything they have to offer you. That is, after all, what they are there for.

I hope this helps.

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Caroline’s Answer

In addition to the advice already shared here, I would encourage you to meet with different folks at the career center until you find someone you click with. Building a relationship with this person so they know you and understand your goals can make a big difference. Beyond resume/LindkedIn help and guidance with job boards and connecting with recruiters, someone in the career center can usually help you with mock interview prep when you have an interview coming up. Best of luck!