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What aspects of your job do you enjoy / find fulfilling?

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5 answers

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Aditi’s Answer

Hi Karoline,

Being a software engineer, the aspects of my job that I find the most fulfilling would be,

1. The opportunity to constantly keep learning and reinventing myself - As a professional in technology, one has to always be open to learning, relearning and at times unlearning skills based on the present and future needs of the industry. And this exciting quest of always staying well equipped with the current technological trends is something I find extremely rewarding.

2. The ability to create a positive impact in someone's life - Be it building a brand new product used by thousands, or working on a small little tweak to an existing product used by a few, or sharing knowledge and expertise or mentoring young talent. Investing my effort and time in something meaningful, and knowing that my work brings about a positive change, however big or small, is something I find deeply satisfying.

Hope this helps. Wish you all the best in your search for an exciting and fulfilling job!

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Leland’s Answer

In my job, I am surrounded by people who are as passionate as I am about their work.

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Larry L.’s Answer

Hello Karoline,

The aspects of my job that I enjoy and find fulfilling is the ability to learn and challenge myself on a daily basis and help clients. I love to learn, especially new technologies as they are constantly changing and evolving for the better.

I also find it fulfilling in that I help clients achieve their technological goals with our company software, in my role as a Technical Consultant I configure the technical aspects of our software so that out client can use our product they have purchased, it makes me feel good when I configure the software and allow them to take full advantage of the software which in turn helps them to run their company more efficiently.



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Bill’s Answer

I find satisfaction in working with my direct reports helping them grow as underwriters / salespersons. It's fulfilling when you look back over a few years from where they were when we first started working together to where they are today knowing at some point they are the future of our organization.

At the same time, I greatly enjoy working directly with insurance producers who are at the tops of their expertise and see the value we have to offer as a company and have a desire to write business with us. Insurance is a relationship business, not only for the producer with the customer, but for the underwriter with both the producer and customer. Those who can build strong relationships and have the technical skills to underwrite and confidence to talk about our differentiators are the ones who become the most successful.

In the end, it's being successful at work and working for a company that respect me for my hard work and allows me the flexibility to have a work/life balance.

Hope this helps answer your question.


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LeeAnn’s Answer

Hi Karoline!

I have been in several different roles in different industries. I would say the number one thing that made me want to come in everyday were the people I worked with. Having co-workers with similar personalities and drive for success created a positive working environment. I have been fortunate to have managers and leaders that were exceptional in there role and the support they gave made each day rewarding. On the flip side I have worked for some that made my life miserable, and I chose to leave. Working for a company with a work-life balance is important to me regardless of the industry I am in.

LeeAnn is a great person to know and learn from. shane eversole