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Rajat A. Jun 18 220 views

Which Career Options Are good for me

I am interested in computers and specially in coding and have good interest in hardware also and I also like travelling. In Future I want to do job and business both. #technology #information-technology...


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Sky E. Jul 10 320 views

How do I convince my parents to let me be an engineer?

My name is Sky. I'm heading into 10th grade this school year and some advice on how to convince my dad to let me be an engineer would be greatly appreciated. My dad wants me to go into the medical field and be a primary doctor or a surgeon so that I'll always have a job and make lots of money....

#engineering #career

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Yulisa G. Jul 31 66 views

What jobs offer computer science in Texas?

I was wondering what jobs will there be once I am done with college. I was hoping something big like apple for example....