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What careers are available for someone with a I/O Psychology major?

I am currently studying Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I am passionate about youth development and have an interest in Career coaching and development. #career-development #future-careers #io psychology

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5 answers

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Matt’s Answer

I have a bachelors degree in Biology and I work in Sales. You could probably do almost anything you want with a Psychology degree. Get experience in the things that you mentioned that you are passionate about and see where it takes you.

Thank you Matt Onica S.

You're welcome, good luck and don't be afraid to take chances and see what you can make out of them. You can always change your mind if it doesn't work out. Matt Ilardi

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Onica - your degree in I/O Psychology and your interest in career coaching and development should make for a great job match! I have a degree in general Psychology and I have been in Human Resources for most of my career, both as an HR Business Partner and in Training & Development. Larger companies, like Verizon where I work now, have Organizational Development departments which focus on programs around Org Design, Change Management, and Talent Development. You may find a niche in such a department. In my role as HRBP, I am most passionate about helping my client groups with career development for team members. However, it is a much smaller portion of my job than I would like it to be. With my former company (smaller) we partnered with a consulting firm and worked directly with I/O Psychologists in creating Selection tools and Interview training for our managers and leaders to use to select the right candidates for jobs. I believe there is a high demand for your degree in these concentrated areas but there could be in other areas as well that I am just not as familiar with.

Laura recommends the following next steps:

Have you joined SIOP - the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists? https://www.siop.org/ They have a student membership or a regular membership and it is a great way to connect with others in the field. I am sure there are also groups on LinkedIn as well for I/O psychologists. These would be great ways to network. Good Luck!

Thank you Laura, really appreciate your help Onica S.

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Gerta’s Answer

There are so many!! Learning and development, organizational development, management consulting, change management, data analytics / statistics, career and performance coaching, leadership / executive coaching, any roles in HR, project management, engagement, culture and much more.

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Sudeep’s Answer

I am happy that you read you know where you are heading in the next few years. At this point in your life, the world is your oyster. Consider all options and also be prepared to explore new options. The possibilities are limitless. If you want to move towards being a career coach in youth development and want your degree to help you then consider doing a project paper or thesis if the opportunity happens while you are pursuing your degree in the area of coaching and its link to youth development-psychology.

When you have completed your degree consider joining certain NGO's that are geared to you being a certified Coach. There are many out there and you should speak to a certified coach first. This will help you in the networking and also help you understand what the parameters and criteria's are attached to being a coach.

Finally, if youth development is your focus -then join a nonprofit that does work in this area and make it your career. You will find a lot of learnings and overtime be able to apply your coaching skills.

All the best!

Thank you Sudeep, that was really insightful! I really appreciate it! Onica S.

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Haley’s Answer

Hi Onica! That is a great question! I received my degree in Psychology and ended up in Human Resources. As Matt said above, having a Psychology degree definitely provides a ton of flexibility as it relates to career opportunities. Additionally, If you are interested in career coaching/development, there are a ton of professionals who specialize in learning & development/talent development. My advice would be to gain as much experience as possible in whatever you find interesting and then see where the road takes you!

Thanks Haley Onica S.