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Do all colleges require someone to be fluent in two foreign languages to receive a PhD in English?

Asked Reidsville, North Carolina

I plan on getting a PhD in English in the future, and some colleges require a students to be fluent in multiple languages. I want to know if that's true for all colleges, and about how many classes one needs to take to be considered fluent. #english #phd

2 answers

Nicole’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hi Elizabeth,

Funded PhD programs in English generally require you to be fluent in English and one other language. You can always look up the PhD requirements for each college by reviewing the course requirements for the program. If you're choosing a specific historic time period for your PhD, then you may need to know two foreign languages. Generally, if the PhD program requires you to learn another language, time will be set aside within your studies to take language classes. Similarly, your department should have language funds to hire a personal tutor or to provide you intensive summer training in said language. I am a History PhD Candidate at the University of Virginia, but I have a lot of friends in the English department. Their language tests depended on basic reading/writing capabilities but did not involve a speaking portion. They were allowed to use dictionaries during the testing period as well. I've been granted funding to learn American Sign Language, and many of my colleagues have gone abroad for a crash course in the foreign language of their choosing.

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Mark’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

Hi Elizabeth, I graduated from LaVerne College with English being the major. But learning another language wasn't a requirement. It was in high school, and I learned French. But I would prefer Spanish now that I live in Northern California. Best wishes.

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