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What type of mentor and research should I pursue?

#july20 I am studying bioengineering and wishing to integrate business into my future as well. What type of mentor and research should I pursue?

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2 answers

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Shoshanna!

Great question and congratulations on studying Bio-engineering. In terms of looking for mentors/someone to help get you into the business world, you could try LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn I have made various connections spanning dozens of different countries and careers-- many professionals there are looking to mentor :). If you're not a fan of social platforms, maybe speak with one of your professors and although they might not be in the business field, they will probably be able to point you in the direction toward someone who is. I have a mentor who isn't directly involved in my field, but she's a great resource for anything because she's experienced life more than I have :).

Best Wishes!

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Bawana’s Answer

A few suggestions:
- a small business owner
- a professional
- a person or leader at a startup or biotech startup

Hi Bawana, can you go into detail and explain why you suggested these people? Gurpreet Lally