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Supply chain and procurement
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
New York, New York
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Shoshanna’s Avatar
Shoshanna Jul 29, 2020 388 views

What type of mentor and research should I pursue?

#JULY20 I am studying bioengineering and wishing to integrate business into my future as well. What type of mentor and research should I pursue?

Itzel’s Avatar
Itzel Jun 27, 2018 629 views

I have many option for a career but don't know which one to pick what can I do to choose the one that best fits me?


Belinda’s Avatar
Belinda Jul 30, 2020 2228 views

How can you build leadership experience when you don't hold official leadership roles?

I'm a rising college senior looking to maximize her last year of college - would appreciate any help / advice you might have!

#JULY20 #leadership