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Belinda H. Jul 30, 2020 113 views

How do you know if graduate business school is the right step in your career?

I'm considering applying to deferred enrollment programs but am still trying to figure out what kind of role business school would play in my career vs. continuing at a company I'm working for. #july20 #graduateschool #business #school...


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Belinda H. Jul 30, 2020 203 views

How can you build leadership experience when you don't hold official leadership roles?

I'm a rising college senior looking to maximize her last year of college - would appreciate any help / advice you might have! #july20...


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Belinda H. Mar 31, 2020 171 views

Interested in VC - how to gain more experience?

Hi! I'm interested in technology and was wondering if you had any advice for gaining more experience in venture capital. I had previously done some recruitment for VC and found the process to be much less structured than for industries like consulting. I've done some research and found a few...

#internship #career #venturecapital

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Belinda H. Mar 26, 2020 185 views

Getting a term-time internship role at a startup

I'm a college junior who is home now because of COVID-19. I have a lot of free time on my hands for this semester and want to explore different career options before my senior year. I am worried my summer internship will be moved to remote or even cancelled so I want to build up some more...